Dream Design

At Accent we believe a beautiful backyard design starts with you, the client. Before pencil touches paper, we listen to you and only after we fully understand your desires and vision can we begin to create a detailed plan of your outdoor living environment.

One Stop Shopping

We ensure pool and landscaping work seamlessly together, we will take the weight of the project off your shoulders, overseeing every aspect from design to development and choosing the best materials, providing you with a single contact involved in every detail of the project.

Working For You

At Accent we are happy to have a design made for you or work with your own landscape designer; in fact we encourage our clients to work with an independent landscape designer. Be wary of landscape contractors who provide a designer from their staff you will find that they are persuasive with ideas and process's to usually make their job easier or more profitable.

Working Together

We have worked with many clients in the past that although they can't install pools or have machinery to place rocks and boulders, they have experience in areas of concrete, gardening, irrigation systems etc. We have accommodated them by doing all the heavy and structural work, so they can take over the project and put their personal touch on the job and save them a great deal of money as well.


We encourage our clients to take advantage of our countless hours of knowledge, skill and installation experience to work together with us to come up with a rough sketch free of charge to plan and create a beautiful outdoor living environment on schedule and on budget.